Mission of The Charming Otter

The Charming Otter was created to help raise money for the kind that cannot help themselves, as well as spread light on a fandom that does so much good for so many people.

Raising Money For Charity

The Charming Otter uses his interactions with people to bring them to this page in order to raise awareness for multiple amazing charities, as well as selling merchandise which the profits go directly to nonprofit organizations.

Spread Light on the Furry Fandom

The Furry Fandom is a group of amazing people who create amazing content, all while raising hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to donate to many different charities.


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News and Updates

1/13/22 at 4:43pm
by Status Ferret

Hello beautiful people! Happy New Year! May 2022 bring you many blessings and light.

The lack of monthly updates has simply been my own fault, and there are no excuses about it. My mental health took a dip soon after my 21st birthday and I have been since focused on recovery, unfortunately leaving Charming Otter unattended to. I've been chasing a personal diagnosis that has been taking far too long and it has taken priority in my life unfortunately. I also started a new job recently which has kept me on my toes. I also leave for school next Friday (1/21), which preparation is taking first priority in my life right now.

I promise none of the above is excuses for my inactiveness here. I own up to the fact that I haven't taken the 30 minutes or so a month that it requires to keep this business going. It's entirely my own fault, and I apologize.

As many of us know, we lost a legend in terms of animal care and love; the late and great Betty White. The Charming Otter will be personally donating to the PipSqueakery on January 17th in honor of her 100th birthday. Many furries are making donations on the same day to different animal related charities in her honor. If you're not sure where to donate to, there are a list of amazing charities on the Charities page, and all purchases from the Charming Otter between 1/14 - 1/21 will be donated in her name and legacy.

What does the future of Charming Otter look like?

I would like to branch out into some new products. However, none of this can be done without financial support from all of you. My goal is to introduce things such as glasses, pendants, and custom pride flags in this upcoming year, preferably before the one year anniversary of the Charming Otter in August. Let's see where this year takes us!

Charming will be appearing at Motor City Furry Con in March. Be on the look out for him!

Much love,
Status & Charming