Who made Charming and how much was he?

Charming was a collaboration suit made by Drackun Dragonwulf and Rhee. He was donated to the MegaPlex 2021 Charity Auction where he was then purchased by Status the Ferret for $575 USD. All of the money went towards the C.A.R.E. Foundation.

Check out the clip of Charming's purchase here!

Where can I meet Charming?

Charming can be found at events and meetups in the upstate and western New York area. He tries to make public outings once a month. It will be announced on the homepage and on Twitter when Charming is making an appearance somewhere. He can also be found at all sorts of conventions, mainly in the midwest. Charming has since appeared at MCFC 2021 and will make an appearance at MCFC 2022 and FurSquared 2022.

Anywhere you meet him, you are more than welcome to hug, high five, and take pictures with him, just please follow proper fursuit etiquette.

Can I commission a suit to look like Charming?

No, unfortunately, I do own rights to the character and do not want him duplicated. However, you are absolutely free to use your characters for charity as well, as Charming does.

Can I donate to the charities directly?

ABSOLUTELY! Each image that goes along with the charities on the Charities page has links that go directly to their website. Just click on them, donate your aloted amount, and tell them the Charming Otter sent you!

The charity that I like isn't listed. Do you not like them?

That is not the case at all, I probably just hadn't heard of it or updated the site. Please feel free to email me at thecharmingotter@gmail.com to suggest any charities that you feel should be added.