The Furry Fandom

The Furry Fandom

What is a furry?

A furry is someone who appreciates and consumes anthropomorphic art. Anthropomorphic is defined as an animal with human-like characteristics. This definition can be broad, such as a character who is a hyperrealistic animal who can talk, or a human with a tail.

Anthropomorphic content has been in the media for a very long time, and you have probably consumed it yourself. Don't believe me?
Have you ever seen Spongebob Squarepants?
Because that, my friend, is considered anthropomorphic art.
So does that mean that you're a furry because you watched Spongebob as a kid? Not necessarily, but that's a question that only you can answer.

Furries typically create their own characters and worlds for these characters. There are only two fandoms who gather at conventions and produce their own content rather than consuming someone else's: the furries and steampunk. Essentially, there's no "right way" to be a furry because there's no base content that you need to consume in order to understand it; you make your own content.

The Furries and Charity

Furries like to gather at conventions across the globe, and these conventions are usually charity-driven. Most conventions function to raise money for a charity of their choosing, and typically donate multiple thousands of dollars towards these charities. When the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic hit and the furries couldn't gather in person, it still did not stop them from being charitable. They simply moved their gatherings online, and held virtual conventions, raising money through the power of the internet.

The charities that these conventions raise money for are all animal related. We help those that cannot help themselves.

Misconceptions About Furries

The most common misconception about furries is that it is a kink. People dress up in animal costumes to pleasure themselves and their partners. While it can't be denied that that does happen in the fandom, a large majority of furries and just people who enjoy becoming a character, and that character happens to have ears and a tail. They are people like you and me who have created a universe to call their own, and to adopt their own worlds and characters into. It truly is a beautiful thing.

Another common misconception about furries is that many of us are adults, and we do this full time as a lifestyle. There are young kids who attend furry conventions, and young kids in the fandom in general. We are not animals for a living, we are animals on the side and as a hobby. While there are furries whose full-time jobs revolve around the fandom (i.e. fursuit makers and artists), many of us just do this as a hobby and as something we enjoy.


A fursuit is a way for a furry to further get into character. Charming is a fursuit.

Fursuits range in terms of complexity, size, shape, species, and price. They can be anywhere from just a head to a full head-to-toe experience. Fursuits typically range from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars in price, depending on a few different things.

Charming is a partial suit, which means he is just a head, hands, and a tail. I have used props such as a vest and a pocket watch to complete him.

The next step up would be a full plantigrade suit, which is head, hands, feet, tail, and bodysuit. A plantigrade has no padding inside, so it is essentially wearing a furry onesie to complete the character.

Digitigrade can have multiple definitions, but its basic one is any plantigrade that has padding to further enhance the illusion. This padding is usually found in the legs to provide the look of a backward knee (think about the knees on the back legs of a dog; that is what the suit is trying to accomplish). A drop-crotch suit would also fall into this category, as it includes giving the illusion of the knees being stubbier and lower down the legs.

And last but not least is a quad suit, which is a suit made to walk on all fours. These are rare, and they are expensive. They are hard to find, hard to make, and hard to wear.

If you have a question about the furry fandom, please visit the FAQ Page and ask away, I would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.