What is The Charming Otter?

What is The Charming Otter?


When I laid eyes on this blue otter fursuit for the first time at MegaPlex 2021, I knew he needed to be mine. And when I won him in the charity auction, I could not have been more excited. I began developing his character and personality from the moment I put the head on.

I knew from the start that I wanted to develop this otter character into so much more than just a character. However, it didn't feel right to develop him into a brand to profit off of, considering he was a purchase for charity. So I wanted to continue the charity mission, and that's when I began the journey that is now known as The Charming Otter.

What We Are

The Charming Otter is a small business that involves spreading the word of the furry fandom, the amazing good that we do, and to continue to raise money for the charities that we benefit by holding conventions.

I sell merchandise that is all furry themed, as well as run a Patreon, to which you gain monthly benefits by subscribing at any given tier.

Charming does at least one public outing a month, and that public outing is themed with where the profits from the business are donated to. All the charities benefit animals in some way, as they do at furry conventions.

Every cent of profit that I make from merchandising and my Patreon is donated to amazing charities that I know, love, and trust.

If you are here because you met Charming, thank you for investing and learning more on how to make a difference, and I hope you stay awhile.

(Charming with Uncle Kage [Chairman of Anthrocon], Orlando, FL, 2021)
(Charming with Alkali [ex- chairman of FurSquared], Orlando, FL, 2021)

(Charming [bottom right] in the MCFC Fursuit Parade, Ann Arbor, MI, 2021)

About the person inside the suit

Hello! In the furry fandom I am known as Status the Ferret. I do a lot, so bear with me. I am a musician on a variety of string instruments, as well as a vocalist trained in musical theater. I am also an artist, primarily in painting and digital works. I am currently in my Junior year of college studying Audio/Radio Communication Productions with a minor in Music.

I love attending furry conventions as much as I possibly can. At conventions, you can find me running three returning panels: If You're Not 18 Then You're 12, Status Ferret Live in Concert, The Big Fat Furry Musican Show, and Midnight at [insert convention name here], as well as some additional panels that are con-exclusive (which include, but are not limited to: The [n]th Annual FurSquared Spelling Bee, Question This!, and Fifteen Fewer). When I am not running panels, you can catch me in my human suit at any improv or stand up comedy panel, as well as hanging out with new friends and long time friends. I am also widely known in the fandom for writing the Dragget Show theme song (18+).

Outside of being a furry, I am working on releasing an EP later this year. I am a full time student who enjoys going to conventions and concerts on the side. You can connect with me on Tiktok , on Twitter, or on Youtube, or visit my personal website for my music career, www.tylerlybolt.com.

(Charming with a friend, Saga, Orlando, FL, 2021)

(Artwork of Status the Ferret)